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Version: 1.0

Registering Your Device

To get started with the Vish Color Bar App, you'll need a Device Registration Code. See Generating a Registration Code for more details.

  1. Launch the Vish Color Bar App; if your device has not been registered you'll be asked to enter a Device Registration Code

  2. Enter the 5-digit Device Registration Code you obtained earlier

  3. Vish will download your salon's database – this includes information like your manufacturers, products, clients and services to allow Vish to operate offline for short periods of time. This may take several minutes, depending on your database size and internet connection speed

  4. After your salon's database has finished downloading you'll be redirected the Login Pinpad; you're ready to start using Vish

If the message Just a minute, we're trying to connect to Vish remains on the screen, please check that your WI-FI is turned on and connected