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Version: 1.0

Salon Configuration

In this section you can configure settings that affect how your Color Bar App functions:

Salon Settings

  • Minimum Container Weight the minimum amount that a container must weight in order to be detected. We recommend using 5g.

  • Measurement Unit the unit of measurement for the salon. This can be in grams or ounces

  • Auto Log Out enabling this will log a user a colorist from the app after an interval of inactivity

  • Auto Log Out Interval the interval of inactivity before a user is logged out automatically. Default/recommended value is 2 minutes.

  • Restricted Scheduling disables the ability to schedule appointments through the Vish Color Bar App. If this setting is enabled you will need to schedule appointments using the the Vish Front Desk App or by setting up an integration with your Salon Mangement Software/POS.

  • Employee Experience Levels the amount of experience levels the salon has allocated for employees