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Products & Manufacturers

The manufacturers and products module is where you can import manufacturers, manage products, and set product pricing.

Importing Manufacturers

To populate your Vish Color Bar App with products, you need to first import some products from a manufacturer. You can import a manufacturer in its entirety, or import individual categories one-at-a-time

Importing an entire manufacturer

  1. Locate the manufacturer in the list and click to select
  2. This will bring you to manufacturer overview. Click Import Manufacturer in the top right corner
  3. On successful import, a message Manufacturer imported successfully will be displayed

Importing a product category

  1. Locate a manufacturer in the list and click the row to view its product categories
  2. Click the More Options button
  3. Select Import Category

Product Pricing

To take advantage of the full capabilities of Vish Analytics/Product Reports, ensure that pricing is accurately assigned for all of your products

  1. From the Import tab, expand a particular product category by clicking on the row
  2. Descend through the product categories until you find the desired product
  3. Click on name of the product to launch the edit product form. Complete the following details about the product:
  • Wholesale Price the wholesale cost of the product
  • Retail Price the desired retail price of the product
  • Container Size the size of each container of product (grams); this is used to estimate how many containers have been dispensed by your salon during a specified period of time
  1. Click save to set the pricing.

To quickly assign pricing for all products in a category at once use the More Options button and select Set Category Pricing. Complete the form as described above and the changes will be applied to all products in the chosen category

Setting Product to Inactive

If you would like to hide a previously imported product from your inventory:

  1. Select a product from the list
  2. Click Flags > Set Inactive
  3. Click Save. The product will now be hidden from the Vish Color Bar App