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Managing Customers

This section is where you manage your customer database

Adding a Customer

To add a single customer manually, click Add Customer and fill out the necessary customer information in the form.

The first name and last name fields are required

Importing Customers .CSV file

We've made it easy to import your entire customer database directly into Vish. Your salon management software likely offers a function to export your customer database to a .csv file. Prior to importing your customer database .csv please ensure it follows this format: customer-template.csv

  1. Click the More Options icon
  2. Select Import CSV
  3. Click the Upload icon
  4. Browse your system to find the correct file
  5. Select Open to begin upload

This may take a while depending on the database size and connetion speed

Merging Customers

The Customer Merge feature is used to combine duplicate customer accounts. Duplicate accounts are sometimes created when data has been imported from multiple sources, or when a single customer has been manually added multiple times. Each of these duplicate accounts may have separate appointment histories that you may want to aggregate into one account. You may merge multiple accounts into a single account by following these steps:

  1. Locate the customer accounts you would like to merge by using the search, located in the top right, or by navigating the customer list
  2. Click the checkbox to the right of each customer name you would like to merge
  3. Once all duplicate accounts have been selected, click the Merge button to the right of the customer search

    Note: At least two customers must be selected before the option to merge becomes available

  4. The Merge panel will expand and you will be prompted to set one customer as Primary. By default the first customer selected will be set as Primary. See the rules below for merging customer accounts
  5. Once your Primary account has been selected, click the continue button to execute the merge
  6. All account histories will now be merged into the Primary account and all non-primary accounts will be deleted

When merging customers, the following rules apply:

  • All customers' history will be merged into the primary
  • Information will be combined where no duplicate data exists
  • For duplicate information, the primary account will be used
  • All Customers except the Primary will be removed