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Version: 2.0

April 2024

Vish regularly releases enhancements, upgrades, and bug fixes to the Vish ecosystem. This is part of our continued and unwavering dedication to providing the best possible experience with our software.

Color Bar Updates


Color Ticket:

In the Appointment Overview, we've introduced something pretty cool called the Color Ticket. It's generated from the products dispensed during your appointment, giving you a breakdown of the services performed and the bowls that were used. This not only helps you see the financial details of your appointment but also compares it to the product allowance for each service. This way, stylists can check product allowance info before you head to the front desk, making the checkout process smoother than ever. Curious to see what it looks like? Click here for more details.

Stylist Measurement Unit Preference:

We believe in personalization, which is why stylists can now choose their preferred measurement unit - whether it's ounces or grams - for product usage.

You can switch between them easily in the Settings Menu, while building a formula, or even during a mix. We've also made sure your chosen unit preference is saved for your next login, giving you a consistent and personalized experience every time. More details can be found here.

Enhanced Service Menu Functionality:

Searching for services just got a whole lot easier! We've added search functionality and alphabetical listings of services within the categories in the Service Menu, making it a breeze for stylists to find and select the services they need. No more endless scrolling - just quick access and smooth navigation!

UI Improvements for Dark Mode:

Dark mode lovers, rejoice! We've fixed some UI quirks specifically for dark mode, ensuring a consistent and visually pleasing experience for you, no matter what system setting you're using.

Updated Active Bowls tab:

We know you're busy, so we've made it even easier to access the mix more workflow directly from the Active Bowls tab. This streamlines your operations and saves you valuable time, making salon management more efficient than ever.

Expanded Android Device Support:

Android users, we've got good news for you too! Even if your device doesn't have GPS capabilities, you can now install Vish via the Play Store. We're all about widening accessibility to our app for more devices, so you can enjoy all the features Vish has to offer, no matter what.

WebApp Enhancements


Improved Service Menu Tooltip:

Clarity is key, especially when it comes to making informed decisions. That's why we've updated the allowance summary hover tooltip in the Service Menu to display product line information. This enhancement provides users with clearer insights, making decision-making a breeze.

Browser Compatibility Fixes:

Smooth and reliable performance is non-negotiable, which is why we've addressed compatibility issues with older versions of Safari. Now, users can enjoy a seamless experience across all supported browsers, without any hiccups.

Currency Consistency and Pricing Screen Update:

Consistency is key when it comes to financial management, which is why we've rectified inconsistencies in currency display. Additionally, we've updated the product pricing screen to maintain the current view during category activation/deactivation. These improvements enhance user experience and accuracy in financial management, ensuring smooth sailing for administrators.

Integration Updates


We've teamed up with Kitomba, a renowned POS partner based in Australia, to bring you seamless integration. Now, any scheduled appointments and their corresponding services will be automatically pushed to Vish under the stylist’s profile. Say goodbye to manual scheduling and hello to effortless integration! Plus, with integration running every 3 minutes, you'll enjoy almost real-time updates, keeping your salon operations smooth and efficient.

For any further assistance or inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We hope you enjoy these latest enhancements to Vish, designed to streamline your salon operations and elevate your business performance. Thank you for choosing Vish!