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Version: 1.0


Rather than having to cross-check your appointments with paper spreadsheets you can view and manage all of your appointments with Vish Front Desk.

Appointments List

After logging in you will be navigated to the Appointments List which will list all of the appointments at your salon for the current day

  • Use the tabs at the top of this screen to filter appointments by their status. See below for a description of each Appointment Status
  • Use the search field to quickly find appointments. Click the Search icon in the top left corner of the app and type either the Customer Name or Employee Name to filter the current appointments

Appointment Status

An appointment can have one of the following statuses:

  • SCHEDULED the initial status when the appointment is created. Services may be added, but no product has been dispensed
  • ACTIVE the user has begun the mix and product has been dispensed into at least one of the formulas
  • COMPLETED all formulas have been either reweighed or discarded and the appointment has been marked as Completed either through the Vish Color Bar, Vish Front Desk, or through your salon's POS system (if integration has been enabled). If needed a user can resume a Completed appointment
  • CHECKED OUT the appointment has been checked out either through the Vish Front Desk or your salon's POS system (if integration has been enabled). This appointment has been finalized and no further work can take place for this appointment

If an appointment was mistakenly marked as Checked Out it can be reversed by finding the More Options menu and selecting Reactivate